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"The best turf on God's green Earth"

When you first buy turf from us, it will have been kept trim and well fed over the course of 18 months. That is why you will be able to keep it looking neat and fresh with plenty of ease all through the year.


All our turf needs is sound preparation of the soil it will be laid on. That way, every single blade of lush grass will be able to grow evenly. It also is a great opportunity for the roots to really sink into the ground and keep the turf strong.

"Thank you so much for supplying and installing the turf to our front and rear garden. We are so pleased to be able to enjoy the lawn."

- Jon Budden - Downend, Bristol

Want fresh and trim turf that is easy to maintain?

01594 530 133

After a week has passed, see if you can lift the corner of your turf. If you can't, then the turf has rooted and you can start mowing away!


Our turf is so good we mow away our competition. Want to know more about what we offer? Then give us a call on 01594 530 133.

How often should I mow the new turf?

Fine, trim turf that is easy to maintain

Lawnmower cutting some new grass